I have received over 70 cvs in the past two weeks but guess what? Less than 7 were qualified for an interview.....this made me got worried and disappointed with what I received from so-called ”qualified candidates”

Here are some of the errors
1. Lack of proper CV arrangements
2. Lack of experience for the mid-level positions
3. Adequate mismatch experiences/qualifications
4. Mail without cv attachment
5. CV without notes
6. CV with regulatory cards and international passport
7. CV with a picture on the bed
8. CV with kin names
9. List of church activities and achievements in a cv
10. ...and many others

What is a CV?

A CV is an official document that contains the profile, educational and career background of a person.

In our part of the world, CV and a résumé means the same thing but in other climes, they mean different things entirely. Some of us have been submitting CVs like forever and yet don't get interview invites. The problem is that your CV is not passing what is known as The 30 seconds Test.  The 30 seconds test simply means that an employer or interviewer will decide if he's going to employ you or not within 30 seconds of perusing your CV.

As we just begin the new year 2020, do you need a professional touch in your CV that meet CV standard requirements ?
I will be having a CV Clinic session, reviewing and reconstruction of CV on demand.


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