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Why you need to update your resume?

Many professionals only think to update their resumes when they’re on the job hunt. Resume writing can be tedious, and, after all, if you’re completely satisfied with your current role and have no intention of leaving any time soon, why should you spend the time to rewrite your resume?
Here are just a few important reasons why I feel updating resume, and why it can affect the way your future career develops.
To Understand your career and objectives better.
Most job seekers know that a resume acts as a career summary; only the most important parts of your skills and experience make it on to the page. With such a small amount of space to outline such a complex part of your life, it forces you to really dig deep into what is most important to you.
Updating your resume can help you refocus on what your career goals and expectations are. When you’re at one job for a few years, you can become comfortable and forget what areas of professional growth were important to you as a job seeker.
Updating your resume can expose the gaps in your skills and experience and reinvigorate your desire for self-improvement in your career.
Remember Major Projects you worked on this year.
A great tip is to update your resume is after you’ve completed each major project you’ve worked on.
It can be easy to forget the details of projects when you’re a few years removed from them—you may not remember the skills you learned or the obstacles you overcame.
Writing it down when it’s fresh in your mind can provide focus and accuracy that otherwise would elude you if you wait too long.


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