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Things to delete from your CV 
  • State of origin 
  • Local government area 
  • Religion 
  • Marital status 
Take them out, except when applying for a state or FG job or when the company specifically requests for these information. 
All you need on your CV is your name, email address, phone number and the URL link of your LinkedIn profile. Home address is optional! 
Referees? Delete. 
Reference on request? Optional. 
I’ll just take them out completely. Because if you’re going to get the job and they want references they’ll ask anyway. 
For those saying gender is important, you see, a man can do the same job a woman can do, and a woman can do the same job a man can do. Your gender doesn’t really matter. Is only matter if specify on the job requirements you are applying for .
The content of your CV, I mean, your years of experience, roles and responsibilities and perhaps the date of your graduation can give the recruiter an idea of your age. 
Fresh graduates, do you want to know what else to include on your CV after deleting these unimportant information? Do you want samples? 
I see over 600 folks are interested in knowing how to CRAFT AN OUTSTANDING CV when you lack work Experience. 
Your MAIN FOCUS should be on your SKILLS: Your transferable/employability skills should be strategically highlighted. 
Before doing that, you need to review the Job description of the role you are applying for and tailor your skills to match the main skills, competencies and qualities the employer is looking for. 
Present Relatable Examples:  
Once you have listed your skills, you need to briefly explain how each skill was developed and where the skills have been deployed in the past. You can also include outcomes or results. Remember STAR Technique? (Situation, Task, Action, Result). 
Football Captain? Hostel Rep? Choir Leader? SUG or Departmental Rep? You can include these skills – Leadership, Communication skills, Planning and Organising Teamwork, Problem Solving, etc… 
Shop Assistant or Sales Rep? You can also include Customer Service as a core skill... 
Highlight your ACHIEVEMENTS:  
This is very important. Have you won any awards in the past? Did you introduce any innovative ideas in your school or department? Did you champion change in your voluntary role? Did you raise money for charity or for any communal cause?..... 
You need to include these special achievements on your CV, since you lack work experience. These achievements will stand you out and make you a preferred candidate over hundreds other competitors. 
You don’t have to write a 2-3-page CV when you lack experience or have just graduated. 
What you can do is compete based on your SKILLS. 
Review job descriptions and person specifications and adjust your CV to suit these. 
Share with your friends if you find it useful. Good luck!ll 
Breakfast Gist comes from Sandy Bloomsford 

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